Pre Shoot Peparation

Here are some tips on each area of the house.

If you need more styling ideas, I encourage you to take a look at my portfolio.


- Keep the counter-top clear (that means no rice cooker, chopping board, pots and pans, kettle). However, if you have designer appliances (e.g. SMEG Kettles, toasters etc, or a fanciful coffee maker, you can display them).

- Oil stains and water stains. Please ensure that the back splash, cupboard doors and stove are clean.

- Dish rack, bright neon sponges / cloth / washing liquid should be hidden from sight.

Living Hall and Dining area:

- Make sure the TV console is neat and wires are tucked away. Routers, remote consoles, discs and game consoles should be hidden if possible.

- Standing fans, air purifiers and dehumidifiers should be stored away.

- Dining table should be kept empty unless the table is set properly

- We advice that personally identifiable items / photos should be stored away during the shoot. This is because the photos may end up on social media channels.


- Please keep all loose items / wires / chargers

- If there are existing bed side lights, decoration pieces, these may be retained for the shoot

- Bedding should be nicely fitted and in plain colours like white, black or grey

Study Room:

- Please ensure desk is neat and free of clutter

- Sensitive work / school materials should be kept properly

- Chargers, wires etc should be neatly tucked in or kept away

- Books should look nice and curated.

- Brightly coloured files / text and assessment books should be kept away


- Please ensure that water stains have been cleaned from bath screen, shower heads, mirrors and taps and floor is dry.

- Lose items like clothes, towels, make up, toiletries have been cleared away.

- Decorative dispensers / nice bottles (e.g. Aesop / Ashley and Co bottles etc) can be retained for the shoot.

Service Yard:

- Please ensure that the yard is kept clean and tidy.

- Laundry should  kept away from view


- Please ensure that the space is clean and laundry is kept away from view.

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