Photo Selection and Delivery

Congratulations! We have finished the photoshoot and this FAQ will guide you on the next steps!

Personal Gallery

You would have received a password protected link to your own personal folder with all your photos, sorted according to sessions.

Please save this link and password safely and only divulge them to people you trust.

Anyone with the password and link will be able to access all your photos.

Delivery of Proof

In your personal folder, you will be able to find the name of the shoot. Proofing galleries often have "Proof" in the gallery name.

Remember that these photos are not edited and you should not use them.

At the Banner of the Gallery, you will be able to click on the download button. Please enter your email, and a link will be mailed to you for direct download. If you do not receive the email after 1 hour, please check your email or ensure that the email provided was correct.

Alternatively, you can click on each photo on the gallery to open the full view.


Selection of Photos

After downloading the photos / previewing them in the gallery, you can select the photos by:

1. Giving to us the photos (including file name) in PDF with mark up comments (if necessary); or

2. Dropbox the photos with file names back to us; or

3. Screen capture of the folder with the selected photos, showing the file names; or

4. Whatsapp us the list of photos names (e.g. Photo 123.jpg) to be edited.

Photo Delivery

After selection, the photos will take 2-4 weeks to be edited and the final copy will be uploaded to a final gallery.

Please click on the download button on the banner to download the edited photos.

If you have additional comments, please let us know your comments for further touch up.

Re-edited photos will be saved in the same folder, with a "v" and a number at the end, indicating the version of edit.

Remember to download your photos within 3 months once the photos have been finalised.

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